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A Night’s Sleep In Dubbo

The kids’ grandmother hasn’t been feeling to well lately. It scares us a little bit. Her

and her husband live a good 8 hours from us, so ultimately we don’t get to see her that

often. It hasn’t always been that great between my mother and I. Thankfully we haven’t

let our differences get in the way of her relationship with my kids. It started after my

father passed away. It was devastating. In my eyes my mother moved on too quickly.

She is now remarried. Her new husband seems like a good guy and we are civil but it is

hard for me to see past the fact that he isn’t my father. Since my mother and her new

husband moved, it has been really difficult to get the kids out to see her. Times have

been tough financially which makes it all that much more difficult. My mother doesn’t

have adequate funds either due to all the medical bills she was left with when my father

was sick. For that I feel badly. I wish I could’ve helped in that aspect.

When I got the phone call from Paul saying my mother hasn’t been feeling well and had

herself admitted to the hospital, all I could think of was I have to get the kids and I out

to see her. Paul said she would be okay but I couldn’t risk anything. Even though we

have our differences doesn’t mean I don’t love her.

I decided to make a road trip. I mapped out the route and knew I had to plan a night

somewhere half way. Having checked out a map I learned that  a Dubbo accommodation would be the

perfect place to stay for a night. I needed my sleep to make that far of a drive. I went

onto the Dubbo caravan parks home page to check out their options. Turns out the

Shearers cabins would be a perfect resting stop for a night. The next morning we would

be back on the road and heading to see my mother.


If You Can Sing – Come Sing in Dubbo’s Park

Each portion of our country has its own charisma and character. One corner of

the country enjoys and portray one style of music, while another corner has a

completely different style. Dubbo has been known for years as its own little and

unique mecca of musical style. Singers from the world around come to Dubbo to

show off their skills and to rub elbows with like minded souls.

No one really knows the origins of Dubbo’s rich history with music, but there is

some additional reading to help you along the way. What this additional reading

helps you to see is that Dubbo Caravan Parks has been one of the staples of the

Dubbo music scene, and here’s why.

Dubbo is known for its gorgeous nature and spacing, and that’s extremely

obvious in a park such as Dubbo Caravan Parks. The DCP, as natives love to call it, is the

perfect backdrop for the yearly Dubbo Music Gathering, an underground festival

of sorts that brings musicians from around the world.

What type of music can you expect when you go to the Dubbo Music Gathering?

Usually it’s some hefty dabble of Australian Folk, but three years ago country

star Keith Urban came by, meaning you never really can tell what to expect from

the Dubbo festival. We’ve been trying to get Joni Mitchell to come to the park for

an upcoming festival, but she doesn’t like to fly such far distances, which I can


When you come to Dubbo, you’ll understand that it doesn’t matter if any star

comes by. The entire event is a star, and that’s what matters in the end. I

encourage you to come to Dubbo for the best musical festival this side of the

sun. You’ll be changed in ways you never thought were possible. That is the

power of music.


The Angels of Dubbo Led Me Here

I can’t say that I always believed in angels. In fact, I’m pretty certain that for most

of my life I didn’t believe that angels could ever be possible. Then my mother

passed away. Don’t worry, fellow readers. I’m not about to write a sappy sad

letter that talks about the passing of my mother, although I’m sure most of you

will understand and sympathize with me. But I don’t want to get you down. What I

want to do is talk you up, and so let’s talk about the day my mother came back to


I’m not talking about ghosts, here, my friends, I’m talking about angels. My

mother came to me in a dream, as an angel. It was after a long week at work,

where I truly felt that I lost my meaning in this world. Is life really about working

all the time to get the things you don’t really want to begin with? I don’t think so,

but I felt that way after this particular week. Anyway, my mother came to me and

told me that I needed to find a cheap Dubbo accommodation. I asked her why,

not that I expected an angel to answer me back, but she did. She told me that all

I had to do was go to the Dubbo website and click for info. I asked her, click for

info? My angel mother laughed and said, son, I raised you well. I’m sure you’ll

understand. And she was right, when I woke up I did understand. I knew where I

had to go. I went online and found the accommodations I was looking for. And let

me tell you, 4 days in Dubbo and my view on life is completely different. I really

do think that Dubbo changed, and saved, my life. Thank you, angel mom.


I’m done with writing, time for Dubbo

As the writer of 41 international bestsellers, four screenplays, and a short story

collection I’d rather my name was not attached to, I spend most of my life behind

a computer screen typing away about the worlds that run through my mind. I

can’t really complain. 20 years ago I’d be stuck behind a typewriter, and before

that I’d be stuck with a pen and paper. Technology sure has made my life easier,

but it still is a struggle to be a writer. It’s hard to sit down for all these hours every

day. It’s hard to come up with new stories to compete with the success of your

last big hit.

I try not to think of it, and plott away on my keyboard, but sometimes I need

a long-term break. It gives me the opportunity to recharge my batteries and

unwind. Each year I typically go somewhere new, so that my vacationing can

provide me with new experiences to write about. This year is no different. I’ve

decided to book a cheap Dubbo accommodation.

Dubbo is one of those places in Australia that most of us will not see, but all of

us have heard about. That’s because on the surface, you might think there’s not

much to this little town, but natural beauty often speaks to us in a whisper. And

if you just take one look at the dubbo caravan parks home page, you’ll discover

that there’s more to do in this little town that just sit on your bum and type away

on stories. I can do that at home. At Dubbo I can take walks along the river. I can

hike or go to the zoo. I can rough it as a camper or live it up as a unit-dweller.

Really the choice is up to me, which is what I like.


Music to Our Ears

My son is in the sixth grade and he is becoming very interested in his music class.

It seems to be all he talks about when he gets home from school. He has had some

difficulty in a couple of subjects this past year so to see him this excited and passionate

about something in school is truly a blessing to our family. He loves his teacher and he

even asks to stay after school to play some of the instruments. His teacher is more than

supportive of his take on music.

What also makes me happy is now my son and I can do some things together that share

our passion of music. I have always been a music buff, you could say. Concerts and

writing music is a part of my life. I have always wanted to go to the Dubbo Jazz Festival

in August. I’ve decided it is finally time to do so. Knowing how excited my son is in

learning music, I know this could be an event to remember. I thought it would be nice

to make a big weekend out of it. My wife could stay home with the other kids, maybe

make some special plans of her own with them. They are younger so I don’t think they

would mind missing the festival.

I looked into making a Dubbo Caravan Parks budget accommodation in Dubbo. This

would allow us the affordability of staying close to the Jazz Festival and having a special

father-son weekend of camping. We would stay at an unpowered site and real rough

it out. Not only would the Jazz Festival be on the agenda but we could go fishing and

hiking. My son was in for a great weekend, perhaps I am going to be just as excited

when loading up the truck for the fun-filled weekend. The whole weekend will just bring

music to our ears and that is what will mean the most to both of us.